Who, me?

I like stuff and I do things. but only some stuff and certain things. Don’t get carried away here.

I would run out into traffic for my friends and family, should the situation ever arise. Luke and Lily, my nephew and niece, make everything worthwhile. I love music and reading, pictures and laughing, opening up tissue boxes and tennis ball cans, playing violin and soup, my job and little kids, art and writing, manually washing my car and cooking, trees and mountains, kayaking and granola. I also really enjoy peach fresca and sugar free fruit bars, eating ripe mangoes and sleeping completely under the blankets. Oh yeah, and stickers unicorns and rainbows, because that’s what girls like.

Stuff girls like.

I don’t like crap like racism and sexism and, well, most of the ism’s I’m sure. I don’t really like kittens – they’re too hyper for me, and they like to bite and scratch stuff. I’m too mellow for a kitten. I don’t like living far away from my mom or cleaning the floors, folding laundry (though I don’t mind washing it) or the smell of smoke.

I have a dog. His name is Gordon. I know it sounds lame, but he’s my bestest friend. I adopted him from the Humane Society in November of 2008 and he was (about) 7 years old. He’s so mellow and trusting you can hold him in your arms like a baby and he’ll fall asleep there, but he’s a fierce protector of his mama. His face is smushed in so he snores like an overweight middle-aged man, sometimes even when he’s awake. When you walk with him, he’ll often decide he’s finished and simply lie down. And it’s not like you can just tug on the leash and get him moving again, no. It’s difficult to persuade him that it’s time to go again if he doesn’t want to. He once did this to me in the middle of the street. Finally, a car pulled up behind him and I had to pick him up to move him. His legs are about 3 inches high and when they get tired, he’s just done for a bit. If you meet him, you will love him instantly. I know this.

His PetFinder picture. What?! This dog is homeless?? Not for long...

I’ve lived in California for a few months now with a pretty kickass man. This might sound weird, but I live three blocks from the beach, and I miss Kansas. The weather here is amazing, I adore walking on the beach everyday, watching the ocean roll in and out, the sound of it drowning out the rest of the world…I’m a pretty lucky kid. You should come visit me.

This is what I look like.


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