Posted by: rachelok | May 24, 2011

For so many years it was my mom and brother and I. We were fine. We didn’t need interventions, no kindness, no love. Our walls were up and life was ours.

But we did need love. My mom needed a love. My brother needed more than a sister to hold onto for female companionship. I prolly needed more than a brother to complete the masculine role in my life.
So, we branched out. And I got the best sister in law that anyone could ask for, and she is the best mom to a niece and nephew who are better than anything I could have ever have dreamed up.
And I found someone who loves me in all the ways that I am me. And that’s something else…
So glad we’re all still here and breathing and adjusting and good. Wish I could gather you all into a group hug and squeeze the bejezuss out of you.

Don’t let anyone tell you different, you rule. And you make a difference. Good for you.


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